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The Bones Speak! Winter was called to Throw the Bones in the New Orleans Hoodoo tradition when she set out to paint still lifes of bones during an artist's residency years ago. Every night the studio cat strew her set-ups onto the floor. She took the hint and has been practicing and teaching divination ever since. Please contact her for information on offering readings at your celebrations or events. You can find articles she's written about the practice here:


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Textile Surface Design & Quilting

Separate workshops are available in: Arashi Shibori, an elegant Japanese form of tie-dye in which participants create a silk scarf and learn the basics of fiber-reactive dyeing. Batik, an Indonesian wax resist method that involves both fabric painting and vat dyeing. The Art Quilt explores techniques such as applique', trapunto, embroidery, beadwork and photo printing along with a history of the movement and the difference between "art" and "craft". Traditional Quilting: Morning Star or Seminole Patchwork. Both workshops emphasize precise piecing and strip piecing techniques and Native American traditions. Projects will be completed. These are 12+ hr. workshops.

Beating the Beast of Block

  A bootcamp for writers and artists experiencing blocks to creativity and production. We'll use many tools to get you going again, such as exercises from The Artists' Way and Wild Mind, and be inspired by studies on the creative process. We'll look into the whys of  procrastination, perfectionism and self sabotage. We'll go hiking, do homework and experience lots of support for dreams. You won't leave empty handed or headed! The group stays in touch afterwards via  an internet group to share victories and challenges. 


Haiku & Flash Fiction

Discover how to express the essence of life and memory in the ancient Japanese form of poetry called haiku and the contemporary prose poetry of flash fiction. Our time includes a walk in nature for inspiration as well as writing time and group critique. This is a weekend workshop. One day workshops in either genre are also available.

Shamanic Approach to Creativity

Designed for writers, artists, shamanic practitioners and anyone interested in these realms. Winter shares the technique of the classic drum journey (and other shamanic experiences) and explains how they inspire her writing and art. You will experience a personal journey and begin to apply it to your own medium. Text for the class is:

 4 Warnings: Shamanic Journeys. Please bring your chosen art or writing supplies to this class.

The Shamanic Journey

Utilizing the steady beat of the drum (sonic driving) participants enter a trance state in which they can receive information from the "other world"(or your subconscious imagination depending on your orientation). You don't need a drum. The  session includes ceremony and explanation of the shamanic paradigm.

From Tea Leaves to Tarot: Divination Skills

Human Beings have always longed to know the future. Some are gifted with prescience but all of us can learn to use our intuition to gain insight. Divination methods from many cultures will be explored in this workshop. Learn Rock Reading (Native American), Scrying (Celtic), Throwing the Bones (African), Runes (Scandinavian) Card and Cloud Reading to name a few. You'll discover which method works best for you.

Dream Work and Interpretation​

Based on the techniques of Jungian psychologist, Robert Johnson, Gestalt and Tibetan lucid dreaming practice. Understand how to interpret and control your dreams, how to use insights to change your life and jumpstart your creativity. Are you forgetting your dreams? This class or series of classes will get you going again so you can experience that “other world” we spend so much of our lives in. We assist each other in group, explore ritual and ceremony connected to our dreams and practice Active Imagination. Text for the class is Johnson's Inner Work.

Street Medicine and First Aid

Winter studied with the Chicago Action Medics to be a trainer for the 20 hour course one needs to become a street medic. She maintains a page on Facebook called Mesa Medica if you'd like more information on this specialized field of emergency medicine. She has been a street medic and EMT since 2006 and served  at Burning Man, the Democratic National Convention, Mountaintop Removal training camps, Occupy, and many large protest demonstrations. She is also a member of the Red Cross trained in disaster relief. At least 6 people are needed to make this class happen.

Shamanic Art & Writing

Sept. 10, 2022 (full moon)

MetaSpace, Gunnison, CO

0ne-day workshop, $70.

Register by Sept. 7:


 Rag Made Quilt Invitational

 May 18-Aug. 1, 2022

 Taos Public Library 

 402 Camino de la Placita, Taos, NM 

 Curated by

Winter Ross: Taos Sketches

 Fine Art Atelier & Gallery

 July 18-25, 2022

 108 Kit Carson Road, Taos, NM

  (719) 338-0081 

  Questa Artists Studio Tour

Aug. 13-14, 2022

   Takoja Institute Domes

   54 Dulcimer Rd, Questa, New Mexico


Artes de Descartes XXII

Oct. 29-Nov. 6, 2022

Stables Gallery

133 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos, New Mexico

Divination and

​Spirit Guide Portraits

Fairs and Festivals TBA

We offer Throwing the Bones readings; divination kits, ( Hand-made divination kit comes with compass cloth, bones, trinkets, instructions. $35 ) guided imagery sessions with spirit guide portraits; original art prints; cards; shamanic tools and herbs.  Look for the turquoise and rust Ceremonial Visions vardo!    Let's Dance!