Reading at Elsewhere Studios Residency, Paonia, CO


Author’s Statement

Winter is available for freelance writing, readings and workshops. She was an invited author at the Gunnison Valley Literary Festival in 2019, where she offered Beating the Beast of Block: a workshop for creatives who need to nudge the muse.

Winter Ross's short stories, essays, and articles have been published in various art, environmental, spiritual and literary journals:  

4 Warnings: Shamanic Journeys, an illustrated chapbook of visionary prose, was used as a text for classes at The Awareness Institute in Sydney, Australia. Her work has appeared in a Darkhouse Books anthology; Pilgrimage: Story, Place, Spirit,Witness; Messages From Hidden Lake; EarthFirst! Journal; ArtWorks: a publication of the West Virginia Division of Arts and Humanities, Selki, an Alaskan feminist zine, The Journal for Shamanic Practice, Wild Women Rising and Spirituality & Health magazine. 

She was awarded first place in 2015 by both the New Mexico Press Women's Association, and the National Federation of Press Women for the short story Orienting Heaven. In 2020 She received an Honorable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future competition for the speculative fiction piece, Ichthys.

What Readers Think:

" What a woman can teach us all....You may pick up this beautiful, seemingly short, book casually. You will leave it being forever changed. Ms. Ross weaves a vision of our possible future as a species - indeed, as living creatures - which pulls at the heart and, hopefully, spurs us to action. Through her visionary travels with Bat, Orca Whale, Deer and Bear, she leads us on a journey encompassing the spiritual and physical realms which lie hidden within our psyches, to truths we know but don't know we know and sometimes wish we didn't. If you have an inkling of the dangers we have imposed on our very existence on this home, our planet; if you have a heart which hears the steady drumbeat of destruction; if you want to cry out with all creatures, in compassion - pick up this beautiful and heartful book. You will find a companion here."  -- Bruce Nygren, President Emeritus: Center for Non-dual  Awareness.

"A beautiful piece of work!  Very moving.  The illustrations couldn't have been better." -- Richard Lutman, prize-winning author of Crowsfield.

"Your book is beautiful and also frightening, suitable shaman material, creative and destructive forces alongside each other. Thank you for gifting us with these precious dream journeys." -- Ken Stanton, participant, Foundation for Shamanic Studies at Esalen Institute.